Protocol Participants

In Poison Ecosystem, users act in one or more of the following roles:
  • Trader - Uncle
  • Minter & Shorter - Cook
  • Liquidity Provider - Wizard
  • Staker - King
  • Liquidator - Shark
There are other special auxiliary agents that are required for Poison contracts - Oracle


The Uncle engages in buying and selling pTokens on centralized and decentralized exchanges and benefits from price exposure via pTokens.


The Cook is a user who enters into a collateralized debt position (CDP) in order to obtain newly minted pTokens by depositing collateral into the Vault.


The Wizard adds equal amounts of a pToken and DAI or BUSD to the corresponding PancakeSwap or https://uniswap.org/ pool. Stakes LP gets POI$ON.


The King is a user who stakes either pTokens or LP tokens in the Master Castle gets POI$ON
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